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At Aegis we are completely confident in the advice that we give. We are so confident that we offer all our clients a result guarantee. If you do not see result from training with us, we'll give you your money back.

This does not mean that we are going to do the hard work for you. That is still down to you. All we ask is that you attend your sessions, complete your homework we give you and follow our nutrtional guidelines. If you do all this and you still do not get results, it is our problem and we will gladly give you your money back.






Amrit (28 days)

"Hey guys final results r in!! Minus 5.2kgs (11.5lbs) minus 6 inches on waist and minus 2.25 inches on hips!! Thanks so much zack for giving me the kickstart I needed to a healthier and fitter (exercisewise not hotnesswise haha) me!! I would never have been this motivated BSB (before skinny bitch) thank u so much coach bastard!! Posting the last of the fotos can't believe the difference!"

Julia (28 Days)

I have weighed and measured today as we have friends coming so I'm going to have my first drink of the month! Altogether 17 pounds down now, 3 inches from waist, 2 from hips, 3 from top of leg and 2 from top of my arms. Totally delighted, I'm a different shape altogether and feel brilliant. I am going to continue as best I can until Christmas week, its work nights out etc so I will follow the rules. Thanks Zack, you did perform a miracle xx"

Steph (28 Days)

"right here it is: i've lost 7.3 kgs (16.09 lbs), waist 2.5 inches from the waist and 2.5 inches from the hips!! and in Shakira's words....the hips don't lie ladies!!! am so pleased I've defo exceeded pre baby weight and some ... I last weighed this 11 years ago!!!! look out boys!!!"

I joined Aegis about four months ago, working with Jenny - and it's changed the way I think about fitness. Prior to joining Aegis I was with LA Fitness for around 6 years, and got nowhere. In the last four months I've lost just over 13Kgs (2.5 stone), increased my strength enormously, improved my diet, and my running (chosen non-gym pastime) has improved no end. The gym itself has everything you need, plus a few more interesting/niche pieces of equipment that the trainers have put in to keep things interesting (check out the sled, and the ropes!). The atmosphere is great, and not like some of the posier gyms you might find in the city. The secret of Aegis is in the trainers - they live and breathe this stuff, and they will work you HARD! I guarantee you will not find a better place to train in London - it will change the way you think about fitness, and you'll see/feel results FAST.

I've been training at Aegis for 4 years and love it! It's not your usual sort of city gym full of posers - it's about trainers who care about their clients, have a laugh and are serious about fitness - the whole picture. Be prepared to work hard - they don't go easy on you!


Aegis is a "proper" gym - no joining fee, no long-term tied-in contract. Just pay the monthly fee for however many sessions you want and you're off! I've been going three times a week for about 6 months and I feel a lot stronger and trimmer as a result (and I've not even been very good at following the diet plan). The trainiers are all really positive and motivational - but at the same time they don't take any cr&p!! I've been pushed harder at Aegis than anywhere I've ever trained - and I love it!

I've been training with Greg at Aegis for over a year now. I've been a member of several gyms in the past but never managed to keep going after a couple of months or so - Aegis is completely different. The programmes are changed regularly to keep it interesting and to keep you progressing. Great team of trainers - highly recommended.

Been working with Zack for nearly 2 years now and our time together is the backbone of my regime... highly recommended!

This time last year, I made the decision to do something about my body - a horrendous "side-effect" of a stressful, excessive lifestyle. In January, I walked into Aegis (and pretty much crawled out!). I started on a bootcamp (and in just one month I lost nearly a stone) and after 3 months, I took up semi-private coaching - and I have never looked back. The results are impressive and I recommend Aegis whole-heartedly to anyone considering personal training. The guys who run it are great and whilst being firm and no-nonsense, they make training a delight.

I can honestly say that Aegis Training saved me from a downward spiral of bad eating and haphazard fitness habits and gave me the tools I needed to get my body - and to some extent - my life back on track. Their informative no-nonsense straight-talking approach to fitness is second to none. Not only did they give me a sensible target driven training programme that made a huge difference to the way I look and feel but they are great company and have become real friends. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Aegis Training work! I was going to the gym and doing all the things that I thought helped me to lose weight but wasn't seeing the progress I hoped. I joined Aegis and discovered a lot of the Myths I believed were actually counter productive to my health. Not only do Aegis focus on your fitness they tailor made a diet to suit my needs and the weight dropped off. I couldn't rate these guys high enough!

This gym is different to any other I' ve used in that you don't turn up and plod along at your own pace. You only go if you have a training session booked and the friendly trainers will have you doing functional exercises including pulling, pushing, swinging and dragging. The gym isn't the biggest I've used but there's plenty of gear and because it's not full of meatheads hogging the weights I've never had to wait. Most importantly I've lost loads of weight and got stronger. Highly recommended.

This is the Michelin 3-star end of training. No shouting, no posing, no gimmicks: just really solid techniques well prepared and taught along with the most sensible advice on eating and health you will ever hear. After four years with Aegis (and at the age of 50) I am in better shape than I have ever been, get huge enjoyment for weight training, love where the fat has turned to muscle (and how!), and think time at Aegis the best investment in physical and mental wellbeing I have made.